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Rocking W Kikos

Welcome to Rocking W Kikos
North Central Arkansas' Ozark Mountain Kikos

About Our Goats

Rocking W Kikos

We are new to the Kiko breed, and the summer of 2016 was the starting point of our transition.  We actually purchased a commercial Kiko just to see if the Kiko breed was as hardy as we had been told.  The 2017 spring kidding season sold us on the Kiko.  Niema's babies came out big and bold, hopping and jumping and as healthy as could be.  We knew then, that the Kiko was going to be just exactly what we needed.  Our search for Kikos began.  

We purchased a buck and doe from Circle W Ranch, a family owned meat goat operation out of Virginia.  James and April Wilson were very helpful in educating and helping us plan for a successful journey into the Kiko breed.  They invited us to attend the NKR Elite Sale in Cookeville, TN.  It was a great experience and a lot of fun. We purchased another doe at the sale that came from Leatherwoods Kikos, Summersville, MO,  We got to meet a lot of people in the goat business and was introduced to a whole new outlook on the goat industry.  

Our Goat Life

We have been raising goats for 10+ years.  Our main purpose was to use them for clearing brush around our property.  The hardiness of the Kiko breed really fit right in with our little operation.  We need low maintenance goats.  So, despite their cost, they have to be hardy, have those exceptional mothering skills, high resistance to parasites and all the other health problems associated with goats.  We expect our goats to be able to live like they were intended to, off the land, forage based diet,  with as little help from us as possible.  We want the traits that were bred to make this Kiko breed so special, and what we consider, the best of the best, kept alive and strong at Rocking W Kikos.